Planet carrier ductile iron casting Descriptions
The figure as shown is a planet carrier (2350Y planet carrier) for wind power generation purpose, the most important component inside gearbox. The product has obtained ISO9001 certification. Our product enjoys a good mechanical performance, with tensile strength up to 900N/m㎡. The planet carrier conforms to the NGC's requirements for ultrasonic flaw detection, metallography, mechanical performance and relevant paint requirements. The complicated structure is liable to casting defect, but our products are stable and excellent in quality. Planet carrier is our competitive product, which has won favorable comments of Gamesa, GE, NGC, Siemens and other producers.
The planet carrier is supplied to NGC used in wind turbine gearbox. Our planet carrier products made for NGC range from 500-600kg to 7-8 tons in weight. They are applied in gearboxes in offshore wind power, land-based wind power and industrial fields (such as lifting, handling, engineering machinery, medical equipment, building machinery etc.).
NGC is one of the globally leading wind power transmission equipment manufacturers and one of the leading gear equipment producers in China. The company owns national-recognized enterprise technology center and provincial-level industrial design center.
Weight3.5 tonsdrawing No.FD2350Y-01-01R3
materialEN-GJS-700-2Size1330* 1330* 1300

After being processed by our plant, it is packed with wooden pallet for delivery. The machined surface is applied with special anti-rust oil and the non-machined surface is coated with white Wind Power Planet Carrier